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Jayme Copenhaver

I have been using producer swimbaits for about three months now and all I can say is you have to give them a shot. I have been fishing swimbaits for years and these baits do exactly as advertised they “produce”. I was struggling today in the May 2016 CBA and did not have a keeper at 10:00 am. Me and Adam decided due to the wind we needed to go throw a chatter bait and a swimbait in an area and the first pass through we were able to put four fish in the boat within 20 minutes all on a producer swimbait.

Mike Carter

An EXCELLENT Swimbait. John n Tracie have come a long way in improving their Swimbaits, and now they have excelled in the quality of the bait. I’ve used several types of swimbaits and these really speak for themselves by how soft and durable they are. The variety of colors help for any situation on any lake. I highly recommend giving these baits a try, I promise you will be impressed. Capt. Mike Carter, USCG Licensed Fishing Guide for Angling Adventures Guide Service for Guntersville and Weiss Lakes

Austin Naylor

 They have the best swim baits on the market!!!